God Is Good. Well, Not *THAT* God…

In the aftermath of the terrible killings in Oslo, Norway, there is a clear take-away message that I’m getting, and I’m so glad that right-wing pundits, conservative nutjobs and Tea Party members, among others, are brave enough to share this insight:

If a Muslim kills folks, it’s clearly terrorism, and also proof that Islam is an inherently violent religion that is obsessed with taking over the world and crushing the United States to dust.

If a Christian kills a bunch of folks, it’s simply a sign he was slightly too aggressive in expressing his understandable bigotry and/or he isn’t practicing his religion properly.

Thanks for clearing that up, folks. I feel so much better now.

4 thoughts on “God Is Good. Well, Not *THAT* God…

  1. older_not_wiser

    Hearing public figures express such thought-free bigotry out loud is amusing. Knowing that there are millions of unquestioning believers behind them is depressing.

  2. the word of me

    Howdy Deacon, I hope all is well with you and family.

    I was somehow under the impression that the Judeo-Christian God was also the same one that Muslims worshiped. So is God telling one bunch of followers one thing and another group another thing?

    In Protestant and Catholic Christianity is the God that the Jews are worshiping the same as the Protestant and Catholic God? And if so, why are they worshiping so differently…and who is worshiping correctly, because from all I’ve heard God is very picky about being worshiped correctly. It’s all so confusing. :-)


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