Yes…Another Blog

For various and sundry reasons, many of them involving my wife’s urgings and the notion that I might be able to capitalize on the growing daddy-blogging phenomenon, I have a new blog (but it won’t be replacing this one; I’m not dropping any existing blogs any time soon). My wife was too late to get in on the ground floor of the mommy blogging thing (though she’s still managed to get named to the top-100 mom blog list at in both of the past two years), and we’re hoping that aside from giving me another outlet to teach (and learn) online, maybe that will be the blog that starts generating at least some small amount of income one day around this house.

So, with two blogs already under my Deacon Blue persona, this one and Tales of the Whethermen, I now add a third, which will both seriously and irreverently tackle the ups and downs of being a parent to my very headstrong and too-smart-for-my-own-good daughter, and which is called Raising the Goddess. And that’s on top of the blog I have to maintain for my primary journalism job, and the two-and-half sex-oriented blogs I keep separate from the Deacon Blue persona and my actual identity as Jeff Bouley…editor, writer, husband, father, adventurer, scholar, humanitarian…uhhh…sorry, got carried away there.

Please visit Raising the Goddess often. It won’t be some saccharine parenting blog, though it also won’t be quite as sharp-tongued or foul-mouthed as I sometimes get around here (though I did swear several times in the first post over there). It’s very much in the same spirit and tone as Holy Sh!+ from Deacon Blue, just with way more daddy issues and a lot more of Little Girl Blue.

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