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Two Years of Hell to Pay?

…maybe even more years than that.

I think this bit of commentary is telling, not simply because of the horrific outcomes it predicts (which are entirely likely), but because even I…a person who is left-leaning and largely votes Democratic…didn’t know some of this stuff (like, oh, the fact the budget deficit that the Republicans were bitching about was actually less than George W. Bush’s budget deficit).

As has become usual, the Democrats manage to get stuff done for the American people, and fail to effectively tell them they did it. Instead, they let the right-wing set the media agenda and stir the American populace into a frenzy over GOP and Tea Party fantasies that have little to do with reality.

After two years of being in the minority and managing to grind much of the political process to a slow crawl, now the GOP is set to bring it to a dead halt in a mission of destruction. And right now, they have the support of many working-class/middle-class/poor Americans who haven’t yet clued into the fact that the only thing they’ve accomplished in the mid-term elections is to make everything worse.

Beginning with their own well-being, their own future, their own livelihoods.

We’re so screwed. I hope Bob Cesca is wrong in that commentary I linked to above. I really do. But after two years of saying “no” to President Obama even on issues the GOP supported in the recent past, does anyone with any kind of critical thinking believe they are going to be level-headed NOW?

A looming zombie apocalypse a la “The Walking Dead” would almost be a relief at this point, given the specter of an America with a bunch of ass-hats holding the majority in the House and wreaking havoc simply because they hate the President…and for no good reason.

And if the GOP manages to turn our slow economic recovery into a decline by trying to bring back the policies that caused the economic meltdown in the first place, who do you think they’ll blame?

Yeah, the black guy. And all those “socialists” and “fascists” (aka, just about anyone who’s a Democrat)

God help us all.