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Happy Dia de Madres by Miz Pink

Apologies a-plenty to any Spanish speakers if I went and mangled the lingo up above there. Anyhoo I want to mark this special day with a “Happy Happy” to all the mothers out there.

I also want to point out…since I see all too often women complaining on mothering boards about their mothers and moms-in-laws (oh, she wants to get my child a PLASTIC toy and I’m all about wooden toys…she keeps trying to give me advice from HER generation…etc.)…I just want to say give it a rest.

Unless your mother or mother in law is some raging harpy that never lets you know a moment’s peace in life…appreciate her. I still have my mom and even though she can drive me crazy it’s important for me as a mom to have her around as a grandma and also as her child to still have her as someone to sound off on. I have lot of friends who don’t have their moms anymore and it’s especially hard for the women. And even harder for those who have kids who never knew what it was like to have a grandma or who have had the experience taken from them too early in life.

Mothers aint perfect but I’d say most of them mean well enough and put in enough hard work being moms that they deserve plenty of love and respect not just today but most days.

For those who are mothers, Happy Mothers Day. To those who still have their moms, show them some love. To those who no longer have moms around, be strong, and remember the love you still hold in your hearts for them.

Miz Pink, signing off now to give her own mommy a call and to continue to enjoy some of that Mom’s Day love from the kids and Sir Pink myself.