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Meanwhile, at My Other Blog…

I do have a post or two planned this week for “Holy Sh!+” but in the meantime, why don’t you go enjoy some fiction.

A couple new chapters were posted in recent weeks for my series “The Gathering Storm.” If you haven’t started reading it yet, now’s a good a time as any (list of current chapters, in reverse order, is here), and it will keep you busy (21 chapters thus far).

Also have some one-off short stories at that blog that were posted in the past few weeks:

Curiosity Thrills the Cat

Dividing by Zero

Bad Breakup

Pilgrim’s Progress

That last story in the list is a Thanksgiving-themed story, so obviously I’m being a tad generous to myself in term of speed of output by classifying it as having been posted in “the past few weeks.”

All right, hopefully I’ll have a good rant or two up between tomorrow and the weekend.

Free Fiction! Drama! Pathos! Tears! Romance! Superheroes!

In the absence of deep thoughts today (or snarky ones), how about you enjoy some free fiction online? My fiction. Don’t let the presence of superhero and supervillain themes fool you into thinking it’s campy or corny stuff. I actually have serious themes, interesting (I hope) characters and development of them, engaging dialogue, occasional comedy, etc.

You can find it all at Tales of the Whethermen.

Besides, the latest post (well, most recent one as I’m typing this post) is a story that ends with a shout-out to my college roommate, and more people need to know about his work for comics, animated series on TV and more. Go! Now!

Or I will unleash my armored mutant minions on you.

Busy Playing God…

Sorry for the lack of posting around here. Aside from work-related stuff, I’ve been busily creating my own little world and populating my newest blog with fiction so that it has a certain critical mass before I start trying to convince some people online to give me (I hope)  a little promotion of it.

If you want to take a look at what’s there right now (an ongoing series and several one-shot short stories), go here:


Yeah, it’s superhero/supervillain stuff, which isn’t everyone’s speed…but it’s also got plenty of dialogue, characterization and I’m even trying to hit on a bunch of social issues. To be honest, super-powered folks duking it out is one of the smallest part of things over there right now.

Hey, Come Visit!

I know I let my novel stall here at this blog, and I’m not sure when I’ll return to it, but if you like fiction with a “fantastic” element to it, don’t forget that I have another blog, recently launched, with a superhero/supervillain theme to it. I’ll be posting ongoing series and also one-shot stories, so there won’t be the same kind of stalling effect we saw when I realized here that I had an epic novel series on my hands.

No, it’s not all “Bam” and “Pow” and costumed mayhem. I have characters, issues, dialogue and more. It’s real fiction, folks, not fluff, and I hope you’ll give it some attention even if you find “caped crusaders” not to be your usual fare.