K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple, Sweetie

So, I went to the neighborhood center my wife runs today at around their closing time, so that she, our daughter (who was visiting the center to do art and hang out) and myself could go a couple doors down to grab dinner at the local faux Southwestern/Mexican restaurant (they do make awesome margaritas, though). My wife had to finish up with some employees/volunteers so I hang out with my wee girl.

At one point, for whatever reason, the little goddess crosses her arms like she’s in a b-boy stance, with one hand sticking out from under her crossed arms, making a peace sign, as she says, “Peace, yo.”

Then she puts her hand out in the peace sign, with her other hand cocked on her hip in a “sassy girl” kind of pose.

“So, Daddy, which one did you like better? Which one should I use?”

I’m wondering when she’s going to need either one, frankly, but instead I say: “Um, I don’t know. The peace sign’s been around since at least the 1960s. How about you just stick your hand out, do the sign, and say, ‘Peace’ without the ‘yo’ or the ‘sass’?”

She didn’t have any answer for me except that look that says, You are such a dinosaur.

And, considering I only just found out today after several years of blogging what a favicon is and how to get my blogs to display one, she’d probably right in that thought.

I still say the peace sign doesn’t need any stylistic embellishment though.