Current Events and Future Outlook

As I look at some of the headlines and Twitter topics the past few days, I am left with the following thoughts:

  • While I hope my daughter never follows in the ideological footsteps of Margaret Thatcher, I hope she leaves as big a footprint by the time she reaches the end of her life.
  • I hope that my daughter ends up with a life partner who loves her as much as the late Roger Ebert apparently loved his wife, Chaz.
  • I would not be bothered if my daughter were to be called the “best looking” high-ranking person in a government post by the president. Mainly because I assume she had to have talent to have gotten there in the first place and the president already knows that. (I jest a bit on this one, as I might be a little miffed at first, but really, I think the comment was a bit overreacted to)
  • I pray that my daughter never hates (nor is hated with) the white-hot crazy rancor that Kim Jung Un has for most of the rest of the world.