Not-to-do List

I want my brothers and sisters in Christ to make a positive difference in the world. I want them to win some souls for God by letting the light of the Holy Spirit shine forth in their demeanor and deeds. And in more temporal matters, I want to see their money, time and/or personal physical effort go into helping the poor and disenfranchised, building homes for those who need them, volunteering for shelters and other non-profit institutions, and so on.

To that end, I would respectfully ask that my brothers and sisters in Christ take some things off their agenda, in order to free up time for that other stuff. To whit, here are three things I want Christians of all sorts to stop doing. Right now:

  1. Opposing same-sex marriages performed through civil ceremonies (and attempting to deny same-sex couples the same benefits of heterosexual couples).
  2. Attempting to outlaw abortion and/or terrorizing abortion clinics and clinic-goers or doing physical harm to physicians and others involved in the practice.
  3. Advocating for the teaching of “Intelligent Design” anywhere outside a parochial school.

Thank you. Your prompt attention to this matter and cessation of all these activities immediately is greatly appreciated.

7 thoughts on “Not-to-do List

  1. The First Domino

    I can agree with your “Not-to-do List.” And I understand why “intelligent design” is on your list, although I don’t think that a discussion of it outside of a parochial setting is all that bad, especially when the concept is contextualized within a discussion stressing the existence of other views beside that of science.

    I know the scientific purist in our midst will have a hissy fit if it is taught at all, even in the manner in which I have suggested–citing a separation of God and state, science and religion, physics and metaphysics.

    Okay, I’m not one of those who see much value in resisting those forces that wish to keep “intelligent design” out of the schools. I don’t think that it has to be legitimized in that manner.

    And that leads me to my next observation. Although I support same-sex marriages, I feel that, in part, gays are seeking to legitimize their unions using the social institution that we call marriage, much the same way that some religionists are seeking to legitimize “intelligent design” by mainstreaming it within the public schools of our nation.

    I think that a parallel can be drawn between the two groups. In their own way, both groups are seeking to counter opposing views that they see as destructive to their legitimacy by using the accepted and legitimate forms already existing within our society to do so–for “intelligent design,” the public school system, for same-sex unions, the institution of marriage.


  2. Deacon Blue

    @ First Domino:

    I suppose in certain classes at the high school level (where critical thinking, discussion, etc. are the order of the day), I could see discussing Intelligent Design. The problem in general, though, is that the issues around “creation” in schools are part of the science curriculum, and frankly, discussions of Intelligent Design strike me as more appropriate to the social sciences. So, I just don’t see a way to integrate ANY discussion of it in context with scientific principles without the appearance of prostelytizing or catering to religious interests.

    Your thoughts on marriage vis-a-vis Intelligent Design are interesting. But in the end, modern marriage in the United States between heterosexuals isn’t remotely like it was in the old days (or in countries where they still do it “old country style.”). The notion of having kids and breadwinner husband and all that is not nearly as much a “given” as it once was. Given the tenor of love-based marriage in the modern era, it makes zero sense to me to deny the institution to any consenting adults, regardless of gender.

    @ Big Man:

    I know, but I still have that dreamer inside me that won’t give up.

    @ SocietyVs:

    If only I could believe the rank-and-file could be so easily convinced; I’d be starting a petition now. 😉

    @ TitforTat:

    Ah-ha-ha-ha-haah-haaaaaaaa! Now, I will not relent. Now that I know I might convince you, I shall spend my every waking hour making sure this DOES happen so that you will be forced to reconsider the Holy Spirit and turn to Jesus…Oh, what! What, Honey? Sweetheart, what do you mean I can’t spend my every waking hour on a quixotic mission like this? Damn it! I’m spiritual head of household! What do you mean, “only as long as I still bring in some kind of paycheck?” I am putting my foot down…ouch! Watch it with the rolling pin, babe! 😛

  3. blackgirlinmaine

    Yeah but if they took your advice they would have to start doing something silly and less controversial like helping to feed folks or build houses…stuff that Jesus himself would have done.


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