So It’s An Uneven Field by Miz Pink

I know Deke keeps an even head most of the time and a sunny disposition with people who think people who believe in God are nutter-butters. He doesn’t let it get to him much but I do see times when he clearly gets a little miffed (even if he tries to hide it) that his faith somehow puts him in a category of not being “in touch with reality” or not being a “critical thinker.”

So as I see things here at this blog in the comments sometimes and stalk him around some of the other blogs he posts at I can almost see him getting a twitch in the corner of his eye and balling his fists at times. Not often but enough.

I understand it because I get irritated when I see some of that too. As much as I don’t like Christians who brow-beat everyone else and slam them with “your going to hell” when they disagree and crap…I also don’t like atheists and agnostics who act like people of faith are simple-minded folks who are holding onto fairy tales.

But you know what? I’m not going to get irritated anymore, and I’m gonna encourage Deke not to either.

Jesus told us we would catch flack for our beliefs and for lifting him up. He told us we would have tribulations and trials and he told us to turn the other cheek.

People who are opposed to faith-led beliefs are sometimes going to be irritating and even insulting at times. They are going to be in many cases dismissive. I accept that. And as hard as it makes my job or Deke’s. As much as it might hurt to not get the same consideration that we give to them (I’m not lumping everyone into this boat…there are atheists and agnostics who are respectful but some are just jerks) well…we just need to accept that they are going to want an uneven playing field.

They are going to want to throw science into our faces and remind us that we can’t prove the existence of God, then rub salt into the wound by telling us that we shouldn’t even┬ábe trying to use science or archeology or anything else either because the Bible tells us faith is enough. They will continue to tell us it’s silly to believe in a God that always existed but refuse to explain how that’s sillier than the fact we live in a universe thats clearly always existed or came from nothing at some point…just like God.

It’s not worth getting upset about. And after this post, I probably shouldn’t even point out this mindset again…because it’s not something we should let get to us. As believers in Christ, it isn’t our right to expect a level playing field in discussions about faith with ANYONE. We might get level fields. Sometimes we might get the high ground in a debate and have the advantage. But we shouldn’t expect anything to be “fair” and we shouldn’t let that stop us. We should just be ready to take the heat and turn the cheek and keep on going.

One thought on “So It’s An Uneven Field by Miz Pink

  1. The First Domino

    There’s an inner prompting deep within our soul that assures us that God exists. You may use the term “faith” to give it a name, but the term is imprecise and misleading.

    I would call this prompting, “The Father In Me”, just as Jesus did. This God presence is the force behind the prompting. It exists apart from “faith,” and reveals Itself with greater assurance than belief.

    Atheists and agnostics, and certain others, have chosen to ignore, or to suppress this prompting, but it comes to us all equally. Those who have responded to this prompting by saying that they have accepted God on faith, when, in fact, faith had nothing to do with it, are gently reminded–call it something else, unless, in fact, “faith” is all you’re clinging to.

    Because others insist that our acceptance of God is an act of “faith” doesn’t mean that we have to call it that.

    I’ll admit that perhaps Christians are defining and using “faith” in a manner in which I’m not familiar. If they’re using “faith” to express how they’re relating to God as defined in definition 2. below, then some non-believers may continue to deride us and cling to their skepticism.

    If they’re using “faith” as expressed in definition 4. below, then I’m mostly onboard, as it stresses “secure belief” and “trusting acceptance.” However, none of the definitions below acknowledge the Presence and Acceptance of God as a Realization of “The Father in Me”–a realization resulting from an undeniable prompting–as the basis of one’s knowing.

    1. Confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing.
    2. Belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence. See synonyms at belief, trust.
    3. Loyalty to a person or thing; allegiance: keeping faith with one’s supporters.
    4. often Faith Christianity. The theological virtue defined as secure belief in God and a trusting acceptance of God’s will.
    The body of dogma of a religion: the Muslim faith.
    5. A set of principles or beliefs.

    I respectfully submit: Generally, our belief or faith that God exists is not based on faith or belief, but on an “inner prompting” that leads to an “inner assurance” that leads to an “inner acceptance” of the “The Father In Me,” the God Presence–a presence that’s as real as our own existence.



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