Vacation Over?

Before I know it, a month has passed with no new posts.

Not sure what that means. But I suppose if I don’t start posting soon, y’all might not continue to visit.

And if I can’t get the inspiration to post here anymore, I may have to rethink whether this particular blog has run its course.

Stay tuned. We’ll all probably know soon…

4 thoughts on “Vacation Over?

  1. Deacon Blue

    That’s the problem: I don’t know.

    When I do have time to write, I’m pretty much focused on my fiction…whether the superhero stuff at my blog or the erotica stuff at my blog of undisclosed location.

    I have thoughts and opinions, but no energy for them these days, in part because I have to produce stuff almost daily for the blog of the magazine for which I am managing editor, and trying to come up with stuff to say every day about pharma and biotech has kind of drained my non-fiction resources.

    I don’t want this blog to die off, because to a large extent I have a Deacon Blue identity online and this is sort of Deacon Blue Central.

    On the other hand, if I’m not producing content very regularly…

    It’s a quandary.

  2. the word of me

    Deacon, Sounds like you have a day job with the magazine and using your off time to write science fiction…you don’t want or need to have the additional work of producing a religious blog.

    Let it set idle for a few months (3-6) or just write to it when you feel the urge. After a while it will become clear in your mind what you really want to do.

    I have enjoyed out infrequent encounters and wish you well in whatever you do, and I hope you and your wife and children have the best life possible. Go with God.

  3. Deacon Blue

    Funny thing is that this blog hasn’t really been designed to solely focus on religion. I also tackle social issues like racism, bad politics and even go after the occasional annoying celebrity, so I shouldn’t be as a loss for material.

    Really, it’s a lack of time.

    I just hate to take too extended of a break because it’s all too easy not to come back and, to some extent, this blog is central marketing of Jeff Bouley on the web…LOL.

    Problem with being self-employed (and even though I have a full-time job with a magazine, it’s as a contractor) is that there is no such thing as time off. 😉

    But I will take your advice to heart and I wish you all the best too in advance, should I vanish for a while perhaps.


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